Your Leadership Vision

Vision, mission, strategic plan – no matter the size of your organization, you have (or should have) these in place. Large organizations go through great lengths to establish them. Entrepreneurs often do, but they often fly by the seat of their pants. (In the writing world, this is called pantsing!)

This was the topic of a recent leadership breakfast – what an individual leader does to develop a leadership vision for herself and for her organization. See how you do. Start by asking yourself the following questions:
1. What is my vision for my team?
2. What is my individual leadership vision?
3. Do I have energy around that vision?
4. Does that energy and vision permeate the team and the workplace?
5. Is it manifested in my actions, values and goals?
6. Is there character and spirit around it?

Some of the leadership qualities reported by Forbes, and this list is not inclusive, are listed below. Can you think of a leader who’s exhibited some or all of them? What have you done to embrace these qualities?
· Honesty
· Ability to Delegate
· Communication Skills
· Sense of Humor
· Confidence
· Commitment
· Positive Attitude
· Creativity
· Intuition
· Ability to Inspire

However, leader’s don’t do it all on their own. What does it take to manifest your leadership vision? Consider the following:
· An inspired team
· A shared vision
· Expert help and support
· Courage to face the unknown
· Strategic planning
· Hard work and determination
· Having an advocate or coach
· Pausing to celebrate the journey

Use the following questions as a roadmap to develop a leadership vision, whether it’s for yourself or for your organization:
· Why? Why are you in business (or the role you’re in)? What motivates you to continue
· What? What is the corporate/organization/team mission? List a few goals. What will it take to get there?
· Who? Who is your business impacting? Who can help your business?
· Where? Where are your strategies and goals taking your business? What is your growth plan?
· When? When do you forecast reaching your business goals?
· How much? How much time, energy, and money will your company need to invest to reach these goals?
· How? How will your company get there? What methods, means and actions are required?
· What makes your vision unique? What makes your vision inspiring memorable and important?

Thanks to Mali Phonpadith CEO, SOAR Community Network, for an inspiring and thought-provoking session.

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