Unplugged & Renewed

Spring is a time of renewal. Even with snow on the ground, it is exciting to see buds on the trees and the hearty crocuses pushing up through the frozen ground!  What a good time to reflect on what really is important.  We are all so busy trying to keep ahead of the projects on our plates so why not take a minute or an hour or a day or a weekend to relax and enjoy your favorite relaxing activity?

Recently I welcomed spring with the beginning of my weekly “Sabbath” – a trip to our local farmers’ market which started a week early this year.  It’s in town every Thursday morning and since I am an entrepreneur, I have the luxury of taking 30 minutes (almost) every week to browse and buy fresh fruits and vegetables.  I see summer friends (the vendors who bring their goods to market). 

I refer to this weekly ritual as my Sabbath because I use the opportunity to call a time out.  This adventure grounds me each week and refreshes my outlook. I’d like to say that the experience is unplugged, but now with technology, many sellers can take payments on their smart phones or other devices. 

Then there’s the annual ritual of spring cleaning. Where did that term and tradition originate? It doesn’t matter. It goes along with the idea of renewal.  After being cooped up with windows and doors shut tight during the winter, there is something to be said for opening up and breathing in clean, fresh air in spring.  

After a winter of writing, both Barbara and I have engaged in this ritual by spending some time to clean our respective offices. It’s been refreshing to get away from the computer and turn attention to tidying up our work spaces. Ironically, I found myself throwing out several old electric cords – symbolically becoming unplugged. 

Spring is a great time to take a good look at how and why we do things, not just at home but in our organizations.  What a great opportunity to meet with staff and talk about what’s working and what we might change. It’s a good time to bring a Sabbath into your organization, for its health and the health of its employees. Perhaps do something outside – a picnic or softball challenge at a local park – so you and your staff can re-energize. 

If we slow things down a bit and refresh, won’t it bring more creativity and innovation into your organizations?  I think its worth considering.

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