The Not-So-Effective Interview A Tip From The Manager’s Answer Book

Arriving at the office suite for her interview, she rang the bell. There was no receptionist, but a gentleman opened the door and let her in. “I'm here to see Krista,” she said. “I'll get her,” he replied. 

Krista came out in a few minutes, introduced herself, and escorted her to a conference room. She gestured to water and coffee. “Help yourself. I'll be right back.”  

When she returned, Krista was followed by the man and another woman.  “I'm Zack and this is Jeanine,” he said extending his hand. Settling in a chair, Zack quickly took charge of the interview, with Krista and Jeanine occasionally asking questions. 

She was briefly thrown off her guard. This was not the interview experience she was expecting. She thought she’d be interviewing with Krista. Everyone was pleasant and professional, and all the questions asked were relevant. However, no explanations were offered as to who Zack and Jeanine were and why they were part of the interview? It was distracting. The experience did, however, result in a job offer the very next day, an offer she accepted. 

Manager’s Tip:  The interview is an integral part of the candidate experience, and we talk about it in The Manager’s Answer Book.  

Query: “Should I interview them (the final candidates) myself or ask some of the department heads to join me when we meet the candidates?”  One piece of advice we give: “if you choose to do a panel interview, let the job applicant know before they arrive for the interview, and give them the names and titles of who will be on the panel.”

We have more to say about interview types and processes, which you’ll find on page 95 of The Manager’s Answer Book.  We hope you’ll take the time to read it. 

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