The Blended Workforce

Integrating people after an acquisition is a major change initiative that needs clear principles and processes defined to lead the company through a successful transition.

You have to minimize uncertainty and stabilize the workforce as quick as possible to move the company beyond integration and into the new business model. Championing the workforce is critical.

Some key principals around championing the team:

· Build brand and trust by being transparent & honest
· Communicate openly, honestly and as often as possible ~ every employee wants to know “how does this impact me” ~ the need for information crosses all levels an organization
· Keep your commitments
· Always respect individuals

Getting employees to embrace the new corporate identity can be tricky. In order to transition to the new organization the HR team needs to partner with key stakeholders and address the following:

· How will the transition team help the employees work through the transition of current leadership to the future leadership?
o What types of activities will be planned prior to closing to allow current leadership to express appreciation for employees of legacy organization?
o How will you allow employees time to work through the emotions of letting go of legacy company and giving the permission to be loyal to new company?
o What will be planned to allow the time and space between leadership teams but ensure the organization is moving toward the future state?

· How will the transition team help employees work through the transition of the old corporate name and identify with the new corporate name and brand? It is key to include employees in these activities. Some success practices include:
o Create a heritage video and book prior to closing
o Transition company items from the legacy company out by hosting a silent auction and donating all the proceeds to charities selected by the employees
o Host a company wide heritage event

· How will the team conduct a graceful handoff with a positive message about the future for all employees?
o Address those remaining and departing
o Communicate around alignment, leadership and org structure
o Key to be able to answer the “what about me” for every employee

What integration success stories you can share on how to address some of these questions? We’d love your feedback.

Angela Galyean, PHR
Senior HR Leader, Northern Virginia

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