Summer’s Here—Take a Real Break!

It appears that Americans are finally getting the message that taking time off is a good thing. We’ve all heard the statistics that tell us how many vacation days are unused annually and there has been a very slight decrease which means more people are actually taking the time off they’ve earned. Let’s be honest—it’s not just that we’ve earned the time off—it is that we NEED the time off. 

But, taking time off is just the beginning. How do we get people to actually disconnect from work? Most of us, even if we’re sitting on a beach and looking out at a beautiful ocean, lake or river, still check our email far too often. 

If you really want to disconnect, there are things you can do.

  • Use the out of office feature on your email. Even if you plan to check messages from time to time, let people know that you will have limited access to email.
  • Set one time a day to check your messages and stick to it.
  • Lock your phone in the hotel safe if you can’t stop yourself from looking at it!
  • If you need your phone to take pictures, keep your phone in airplane mode.

It’s not rocket science to understand that taking a real break from work can have real benefits toward your mental health. This may take some practice but give it a try! And, by the way, if you lock your phone up but keep your tablet by your side at all times, put it away as well!

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