A New Book - A New Look

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new book coming out very soon. Last fall the publisher of The Big Book of HR, Career Press approached us with the idea for a new book, The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook. We spent the winter and early spring writing it and are excited that the publication date is September 21, 2015. (You can also visit Amazon.com now and pre-order it!)

Now we have two exciting books to publicize and we will be doing radio interviews, print interviews, as well as contributing to magazines and ezines to get the word out about our books. We’ve learned a lot about the world of book publishing and publicity which we know will help us market our books going forward.

In addition to The Big Book of HR’s website (www.bigbookofhr.com), we will have a website for the new book (essentialworkplaceconflict.com). Both websites will feature our blogs and information on speaking engagements, book reviews, and interviews and media coverage. We will continue to tweet @bigbookofhr and on @gotworkconflict

We are also changing the title of our blog and our Constant Contact newsletter to Making People Matter—you will see this title as it arrives in your inbox every month and we hope you will read and comment on our postings.

You can continue to follow what we’re doing and the exciting changes to come. You can sign up to receive our blog every week. It’s posted at makingpeoplematter.blogspot.com. Follow us on Twitter and Google+ where we’ll keep you up-to-date on events and relevant items of interest. Look for our LinkedIn updates. Most importantly, look for the release of The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook in September.

We appreciate the interest and support of all our readers, friends and colleagues. Thanks for being part of these adventures with us.

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